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Why Choose Cornwall Solar Panels

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Our focus is you!

Cornwall Solar Panels is committed to working with you to ensure you make a fully informed decision on what system is right for you. We start by offering a choice of systems and continue to offer more choices until you are certain you know which system is right for your roof and your pocket. There's a lot to learn about Solar PV and we can go in to as much detail as you need.

We offer bespoke system design

PV Sol software allows us to calculate your expected output and allows you to directly compare one type of panel & inverter combination with another. In essence, the best set up for your roof might not be the best for someone else's, therefore this is probably the most important influence on your choice of system. PV Sol takes in to account your local weather, panel performance, including low light performance (very common in the UK), inverter performance, panel temperature variations, roof pitch, roof orientation and any shading your roof has. We accurately calculate the shading by building a 3D model which will include any trees, buildings, chimneys and flues that will shade your roof. 


Our quoting process is quick and easy. For example, a site visit that will take around 1 hour will allow us to email a quote within 24 hours. However, this quote is by no means a final offer, if you wish to make changes or try different set ups we will work with you to ensure you get the PV installation you are happy with.

Sample Quote (domestic installation)

  • 4kWp systems from £5495 Inc VAT
  • This will generate approximately £1000 in benefits a year, guaranteed for the next 20 years.
  • This equates to a higher rate of return than any savings account.


Your installation

During the site survey we will discuss with you the impact of a PV installation on your property including cable routes, inverter location and switch locations to avoid surprises during installation.

Quick response

Being a local company means that we can respond very quickly to any concerns you may have with your installation. We are never very far away and always at the end of a phone to offer help and advice.


Here at Cornwall Solar Panels we know that many consumers will approach us with strong ideas about what panels, inverters or mounting systems they'd like. We know that many solar PV companies buy huge quantities of panels, however, often these panels consist of only one brand, resulting in you being under the misapprehension that these are the best for your roof. Please be aware that the right panels for someone else's roof may not be the right panels for yours. In response to this current trend, we have decided to supply a wide range of panels, giving you more choice, so you can rest assured that you get the installation that is right for your roof and your pocket.

Inverter location

Many installers locate the inverter in the loft because this makes the installation very easy. However, inverters work more efficiently in cooler, less dusty conditions and they will also last longer if installed somewhere cooler like a garage, cellar or a ventilated cupboard. Inverters also have displays which give you information about the performance of the system, so if concealed in your loft you won't be able to see this easily.