CO2 tips: paperbacks v. e-readers

Woman lying in a hammock on the beach and enjoying a book reading

Pass the time, improve your mind, and save CO2e? What a great idea!

So, having a leisurely read can now mean that you’re also reducing your CO2e. But only if you use an e-Reader to overcome the HUGE CO2e involved in paper production, and the mass waste of over-printing inherent in the publishing industry. Some stats…

Average paperback

400g CO2e for a book on recycled paper – as long as every copy gets sold
1kg CO2e average
2kg CO2e on thick virgin paper with half the copies getting pulped for recycling

Electronic reading

500g CO2e if you buy a specific device for ereading and it lasts for 100 books
6g CO2e reading on a tablet that is frequently used for other purposes
1g CO2e reading on a mobile

So the moral of the story is, buy less devices, use them for multiple things and you save the planet. One book you might want to check out is “How Bad are Bananas” as it’s got lots of info on carbon footprints. Link to the kindle version below.

How Bad Are Bananas?

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