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Whether your motivation is saving the world, or saving your cash (and like most of us, it’s probably a bit of both), spread the word and we all benefit. The more people move to renewable energy, the quicker costs come down and the faster we help the environment.

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A bit of motivation

Although Solar PV owners hate letting any of the energy go back to the grid, there are inevitatbly some units you won’t use, they will simply be used by your neighbours so there is still a reduction in CO2e from all the units you generate.

If everybody in the UK moved to solar energy…

Solar power in a typical 3-Bedroom home offsets 100,000 lbs of carbon dioxide over 20 years, the equivalent of the CO2 absorbed by 60 trees. There are 25,000,000 homes in the UK.

Average domestic PV system = 2 tonnes CO2e saving a year, average UK residents creates a CO2e footprint of 15 tonnes so we’d be able to offset 13% of the total CO2e of our country. Then there’s all the roof space of the industrial / commercial buildings too!