Generate £100’s a year with domestic solar PV

Energy prices are going to keep rising in the long-term, despite occasional fluctuations in the global market. This is because there are dwindling gas, oil and coal resources but an ever-increasing demand for them as world population grows. However, the natural energy resources available to us are unlimited – if we tap in to them correctly. And the good news is that the price to harness the sun’s power has fallen dramatically in recent years.

That’s why more and more people are looking for sustainable ways of cutting their living costs whilst protecting the environment for future generations. At Cornwall Solar Panels, we concentrate on Solar PV because it’s by far the most affordable, reliable and profitable technology currently available.

Benefits of domestic Solar PV

  • Solar PV gives you year-round inflation-linked income
  • Expect realistic earnings of up to £100’s a year, tax free
  • Average return on investment = 10% a year, much higher returns than the best savings account available
  • Incredibly secure investment. Payments are government-backed and guaranteed for 20 years
  • Investing in Solar PV increases the value of your home. IF it’s installed properly and IF you own the panels. (This is what Cornwall Solar Panels ensure for you.)
  • No planning permission required for most installations
  • Despite common belief, you CAN have east- or west-facing roof installation
  • Solar PV panels don’t need direct sunlight to work. They still work in low light conditions.
  • The cost of installation is now much more affordable

Why choose us?

You can trust us to install your system correctly

We’re accredited by, and follow the codes of, all the industry’s leading organisations including MCS Renewable Energy Consumer Code), the Solar Trade association and NAPIT. See Accreditations and Awards

We’ve won multiple awards for the way we work

Cornwall Solar Panels has received recognition both locally and nationally for its groundbreaking work in the renewable energy sector. Please see more about our awards here.

Latest software = ultra-accurate savings predictions

For an informed choice, you need information you can rely on. Cornwall Solar Panels use professional Solar PV software (PVSol) that takes the guesswork out of financial predictions. Our quotes show clear, accurate returns and the impact on your electricity bills. Few firms offer this, because the software is expensive and requires extensive training to use effectively. It’s a powerful bit of kit, and it’s extremely accurate because it takes account of all the elements that could affect your personal return such as roof orientation, pitch, shading, inverter quality, panel performance and local weather conditions. With this information we can can maximise your output, which in turn maximises your investment.

You get to choose from all available systems

We’re not tied to any particular supplier, and never will be. Currently, we have over 80 panel manufacturers on our books. This means we can directly compare one type of panel & inverter combination with another and stay impartial. The best set-up for your roof might not be the best for someone else’s.This is probably the most important influence on your choice of system. With our experience and knowledge we can find the best system for you. Of course, all our offerings will be backed up by independent calculations.

Get a quote within 2 working days

Our quoting process is fast and easy. Site visits take around 1.5 hours and we’ll email you a quote within 2 working days. Book a survey now.

Do I need planning permission?

In most cases, no. Domestic solar panel installations are considered ‘permitted developments’ and don’t require planning permission unless:

  • you live in a listed building
  • your home’s in a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty. (Panels are permitted in a conservation area as long as they’re not installed on a wall or roof that fronts a main highway)
  • the panels protrude more than 200mm from the roof. We always fit within this limit.

If you’re unsure about permitted developments, please visit the Government’s planning portal or book a call back and get free advice from us.