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Paul says it all

Paul & Jen Stapleton, Cornwall, January 2016

Last week, we received this very kind email from a recent customer, Paul, telling us how delighted he was with his new Seraphim panels. It was so satisfying to read through, we thought we’d include his testimonial in full. Thanks, Paul!

“I would like to thank you and your company for persevering – our roof turned out to be an unexpected challenge. However, I have to say that your guys worked hard all of the time they were onsite. I should also say that I am delighted with the system and the fact that the install got there in the end – I was worried that it might have become tempting to cut corners in order to meet deadlines.”

“Commitment to quality, not just profit”

“I would rather have had a much longer (over running) install than corner cutting to meet a deadline, as I feel that this is a sign of a good company that has a strong commitment to quality rather than one that is only focused on profit. So from myself and my wife please thank your installation team for a job well done, I would have no problems in recommending your services to others (in fact I already have).”

Power and payback

Power generated every year 3570 kWh
Return on investment 15% p.a.
CO2e reduction 2.1 tonnes/yr
Installation cost paid back in 6.5 years

The ideal nest-egg

Dave Holt, Cubert, Cornwall

Why they came to us

Dave was looking to invest towards his retirement. Unsatisfied with the meagre prospects on offer from banks and pension schemes, he discovered that Solar PV would give him up to a 16% return on his investment every year. Dave got several companies to quote – but Cornwall Solar Panels was an easy choice to make.

How we helped

Dave wasn’t convinced by other companies’ pushy sales techniques. So our first job was to set his mind at rest – not just proving that we knew what we were talking about, but also that we could provide great customer service. 18 months after we installed his Solar PV, Dave was so happy with the results, he asked us to add a second system.

Power and payback

Power generated every year 4046 kWh
Return on investment 16% p.a.
CO2e reduction 2.4 tonnes/yr
Installation cost paid back in 5 years

With Cornwall Solar Panels, I got the answers to all my questions, and I could also go back and get further answers if I needed them. They clearly knew what they were doing – far more knowledgeable than any of the others – and they understood the whole house system too.

Dave Holt, Cubert, June 2013

A house facing big savings

Heather Forster, New Mill, Cornwall

Why they came to us

Heather was really keen to be green, but as her roof faces East/West and she lives in a valley, she didn’t think Solar PV would work for her. As luck would have it, a business contact of hers had heard our East/West system could give great results, and suggested she talk to us.

How we helped

Cornwall Solar Panels were able to model her complete situation very accurately using our industry-leading PV Sol Software. This revealed that she would get a 12% return and considerably reduce her carbon emissions. Since installation, she has found she can now run big energy-sappers like her washing machine for free.

Power and payback

Power generated every year 3354  kWh
Return on investment 12% p.a.
CO2e reduction 2 tonnes/yr
Installation cost paid back in 7.5 years

Cornwall Solar Panels have been amazing from start to finish. We went through several options and they kept their promise of helping us find a solution we were completely happy with. My husband Rob, really wanted to get into the numbers and Cornwall Solar’s design software allowed us to pick out the best system for us.

Heather Forster, New Mill, April 2011


Light is sweet

The Chocolate Factory, Trenance, Helston, Cornwall

Why the came to us

Martin Raftery’s high quality chocolate requires constant mixing and heating to achieve the delicious velvety texture his company’s become famous for. Because of this his machines need to be operation all day. When he contacted us, his electricity bills were going through the roof, and he felt he might as well use his roof to bring them back down.

How we helped

We analysed electric usage and modelled a system using advanced PV Sol software. On see the new projections Martin went for an install immediately. He was so pleased with the results, he ordered two further installations for Cornish Cottages and Honey Cosmetics. Apart from enjoying superb ROI, Martin loves the control he now has over his energy usage.

Power and payback

Power generated every year 34715  kWh
Return on investment 29% p.a.
CO2e reduction 20.8 tonnes/yr
Installation cost paid back in 3.2 years

The installers were brilliant. Tim, the electrician, kept me posted at every stage. I didn’t even notice the scaffolders were here until they’d finished! We’re managing to use nearly every unit we’ve generated – I just wish we had more roofs.

Martin Raftery, MD, The Chocolate Factory, July 2015

Solar grows nationwide

Nationwide Print, St Austell, Cornwall

Why they came to us

Julian Hocking, MD at Nationwide Print, had installed Solar PV on his factory roof in 2011. But he still wasn’t covering all the electricity the printers were using. He approached his original installer then spoke to us for comparison. he felt we offered a wider and better choice of system

How we helped

Despite his first installation having an older monitoring system, we persevered to ensure that the new system could work efficiently with his old one. Now Julian is powering his whole print works by the sun, and he’s able to monitor the performance of both systems on one mobile phone app.

Power and payback

Power generated every year 16646 kWh
Return on investment 26.6% p.a.
CO2e reduction 10 tonnes/yr
Installation cost paid back in 4 years

Cornwall Solar Panels came up trumps. They worked flexibly with us, offered the best deals and delivered everything they said they would. They clearly enjoy what they do and they are very passionate about being transparent with customers

Julian Hocking, MD, Nationwide Print, May 2015