We work for you, not the manufacturers

Cornwall Solar Panels is committed to working with you to ensure you make a fully informed decision when choosing which system is right for you. We start by establishing your exact needs before offering a choice of systems and continue to discuss further options until you are certain you know which system is right for your property and your pocket. There’s a lot to learn about Solar PV and we can go in to as much detail as you need.

11 Reasons to Go Solar with Cornwall Solar Panels

  • Genuine, impartial advice
  • Realistic, accurate savings forecast
  • Choose from 80+ suppliers
  • System designed to meet your exact needs
  • Quotes in 2 working days, rapid response to queries
  • We follow the strictest industry standards
  • Our own engineers do every job
  • Local, friendly, no-mess service
  • Award-winning company
  • We believe in renewable energy
  • All the above means higher returns for you

Bespoke system design

Unlike many companies, we’re trained to use the advanced PV Sol software. This allows us to accurately calculate your expected energy generation and provide meaningul forecasts that show you what you can expect to receive for the next 20 years. The forecasts cover money that will be paid to you from your energy supplier via the Feed-in Tariff and the savings you’ll make every day to your normal energy bills.

The software also lets you directly compare one type of panel & inverter combination with another and check how suitable it will be for your property. One size never fits all and choosing the correct system could make a huge difference to the amount of energy you save and the money you receive.

PV Sol is a complex piece of kit, taking in to account your local weather, specific panel performance, including low light performance (common in the UK), inverter performance and position. It also calculates the difference between panels set in to a roof and panels mounted above a roof, panel temperature variations, roof pitch, roof orientation, degradation of the panels, your own electrical usage habits and roof shade. We work out shading by building a 3D model to include any trees, buildings, chimneys and flues that may obstruct light to your roof. We can even model the difference between coniferous and deciduous trees – that’s how precise the software is!

Fast quotes, friendly follow-ups

Our quoting process is quick and easy. For example, a site visit takes around 1.5 hours and we’ll email our suggestions within two working days. We’ll then work with you to ensure you get a PV installation you are happy with.

Sample domestic forecast illustration

4kWp installations start at £4.5k.
This will generate approximately £400 – £600 in benefits every year, for the next 20 years. This equates to 8% – 12% ROI – a higher rate of return than any savings account. And the highest guaranteed rate of return on any investment we can think of. It will also save a massive 2.4 tonnes of CO2e per year.

If you have an immersion heater you can generate a further £100-£200/year in savings using an immersion diverter, which costs less than £400 to install.

Give us a call to find out what your roof can do for you.

Need a commercial quote?

Commercial surveys can take a little longer than domestic, but an average site visit normally lasts about 1.5-2 hours. We’ll get a quote over to your company within 2 working days. However, the initial quote is by no means a final offer, and if you wish to make changes or try different scenarios we will work with you to ensure you get a PV installation you’re happy with.

Sample commercial forecast illustration

A 50kWp system would start from £44k + VAT.
This will generate approximately £5k – £9k in benefits each year. This equates to a typical ROI of 15-25% depending on your electrical demands.

Once we’ve carried out a site survey we’ll be able to provide very accurate forecasts for returns.  Give us a call to find out what your roof can do for you.

We keep you informed about the impact of your installation…

During the site survey we will discuss with you the impact of a PV installation on your property including cable routes, inverter location and switch locations. Before you make a major decision like this, you need to have all the facts. By being open and honest about things from the start, we avoid surprises during installation or further down the line.

…and keep looking after you once we’re gone

As a local company, we respond rapidly to any concerns you may have with your installation. Thankfully, problems are few, but if you need help, we’re never very far away and always at the end of a phone to offer help, advice or tips on how to make the most of living with solar PV. We’ve built a great reputation across Cornwall and beyond by treating people the way we like to be treated and we aim to keep it.

You’re the customer, we’re the experts…

Customers often approach us with strong ideas about what panels, inverters or mounting systems they’d like. We know you’ll hear things from other companies that may contradict our advice. Challenge us and we’ll show independent evidence that we’re telling the truth. Many Solar PV companies buy huge quantities of panels to offer reduced costs to you. The problem with this is they have a vested interested in getting rid of them, whether suitable for you or not. The best panels for someone else may not be the best panels for you. In response to this trend, we will keep extending the choice we offer, so you can rest assured you’ll get an installation that is right for your roof and your pocket.

Correct inverter position is crucial

Many companies put the inverter in the loft because this makes the installation super easy. But it is rarely, if ever, the correct place to put one. Inverters are more efficient and will last longer in cooler, less dusty conditions, which is why, depending on your property, a garage, cellar or a ventilated cupboard will be much better. Inverters have displays which give you live information about its performance, so easy access is also an important consideration.